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CASE STUDY #8: High School Note-Taking

I worked with a student named Tony who had an interesting combination of classes. He was taking two AP classes and one honors class, along with an art class and a media class. The advanced classes were often based on discussions and group projects, with less lecturing and notes given by the teacher. However, when it came time for tests and exams, a great deal of these evaluations included questions based on the discussions. Tony had the challenge of keeping track of information during the class while remaining engaged in these discussions or small group projects.  We implemented a system using a combination of styles on the same outlining page that was essentially a flowchart system to cover main ideas and main topics, along with an indentation-based system that was used within many of the flowchart boxes and subdivisions. The system worked well because many of the discussions had a free-form structure to them, so the notes were not necessarily linear in the way that they were organized. However, Tony found that this combination enabled him to record the essential information in these advanced classes.

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