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CASE STUDY #3: Homework Tracking University Level

Matt was a college sophomore who was a pre-med major.  He had challenging classes and was never able to get ahead of the workload.  A part of the challenge at the university level (compared to the high school, middle school, or elementary levels) is that there is a constant flow of work and new information, but far fewer points of evaluation or testing.  Some university classes may have only two graded events: a midterm and a final, or a paper and a final, or maybe even just a paper.  Matt also had an academic history of being able to get by on his wits, and he never really had a system.  Finally in this year, with this course load, he reached the overload point.

“Before, I would just look at the material, and I would get it pretty quickly. I didn’t have to take a lot of notes, and I didn’t spend that much time on the homework.  I just didn’t need to.  But this year, the volume of work has gotten to the point where I just don’t know what to do first.”

The first thing we did was teach Matt to use and to establish daily (even multiple times daily) attention to the homework tracking and time management system that you will also learn in this section of Maximum Education.  Because the university curriculum he had at the time did not have many deadlines, we set up our own deadlines that he was to follow.  We created mock test dates and other artificial events to create deadlines and checkpoints.  After only 3 sessions, Matt had the system down, and he was on his way.

“I actually spend less time studying and getting organized now than I did before putting this system into place, and I feel 10x more in control of the information and the material moving ahead.  It was really just a matter of following along with what I learned and doing it.”

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