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Summer academic opportunities include:

SAT and ACT preparation.
mAke the grAde addresses all areas of these important tests. There is an SAT on August 26th this year, which is the first time that there has been an SAT (or ACT) during the summer.

Subject review and preview for all areas of Math and Science.
You can review topics like algebra, geometry, pre-calc and calculus, as well as, Biology, Chemistry and Physics if you had challenges with any of these topics this past school year.

If you plan to have any of these topics in the fall, you can preview these topics to get a jump off the rest of the course.

During the summer, Liz and I previewed the first 5 chapters of the upcoming Chemistry class.  Once school began, she has already learned, and she was already comfortable with material covering the entire first quarter and half of the second quarter.  Liz scored a 96% in the first quarter and 95% and second and an A on the midterm!  She also has a lot less stress and was able to spend as much time as she needed on her other courses (which included 2 AP and 2 Honors classes).

Maximum Education Principles
Time management
Information management
A daily action success plan

Maximum Education principles are based on the book, Maximum Education, the Amazon #1 best seller.

For more information… contact mAke the grAde at sgreene@makethegrade.net



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