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Maximum Education - Information Management 1 - Social MediaIt’s 9 pm on a Tuesday night. Your high school junior son is still up finishing his biology homework, and there is still math homework to do. He has already spent 2 hours doing his homework, and at least 2 more hours to go.

His day is already long, starting at 6:30 am and ending at 11 pm at night, sometimes even later, and it is like this almost every day. He is tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. Worse, these assignments were posted last Thursday, but he forgot about them, so he could have done them during the weekend, instead of having to cram them in late at night. To make things worse, he just realized he left his math book with all his notes in his locker at school and now he knows he cannot finish the math homework.

Does this sound familiar? Are you one of the countless families who deal with these circumstances every school night? I know this because, as a parent, my two sons went through similar situations as well, and, as a private tutor, that is exactly how almost all of my private students go used to go through their academic lives every day. When they come to me, they aren’t organized, and they don’t have any system, and don’t know what they need to get done for the next day or what the priorities are. They lack the fundamental study skills: how to go through pages of content for a test the next morning and prioritize information, where their notes are or where their outlines are, or did not take notes because didn’t think they were necessary at the time.

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Students, and by extension, their parents, do not have a system to manage all the information that is generated during a school day. With the Maximum Education system, students are taught a system of information management that organizes their homework assignments, helps them to prioritize their time, creates an environment where the work can get done in an efficient and timely way, and helps them to look at assignments which are due the next day, that week, and in the longer term.

Let me tell you about one of my students, Dan, a high school sophomore, who was no different than my sons or your children. When he came to me, his challenge was that his ‘information management’ was poor. He did not have a record of what homework he had to do nor when it was due. His ’notebooks’ were a mess with papers going in every direction and no ability to find anything that he needed.

Immediately I taught Dan the Maximum Education information management system. There is simple, yet powerful, and organizes the homework, along with short and long term assignments, and creates a daily action study plan. Once Dan consistently put the system to work, the results were impressive. He was able to complete all of this work in about half of the time that he had taken to do it (when he even did it) in the past, and, more importantly, the quality of the work was far better. He was able to plan ahead for larger assignments likes tests and papers and work on them over time to alleviate the pressure of deadlines and rush jobs. Best of all his grades improved quickly, going from the D/C range to the high B range.

“I always knew that I could do fine at school” Dan told me later, “but I just never knew what to do or when to do it. No one ever taught me any plan. So once I started to struggle with school, I kind of just gave up. I can’t believe how quickly I was able to improve after only three weeks of using your system. I really wish that I’d started using it sooner, but now that I’ve learned it, everything is much better”.

To create this success in your life and to learn how maximum education and mAke the grAde can help your child excel academically – contact Dr Steven Greene at sgreene@makethegrade.net.

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