Maximum Education Case Study – Homework Tracking

Maximum Education – The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Academics presents three cornerstones to academic (and all) success:

Information management
     Time management
     A daily action plan

Steven-Green-Book-CoverHere is a case study of a high school student, Dan, who I worked with to improve his grades. One of his challenges was that his ‘information management’ was poor and often he did not have a record of what homework he had to do nor when it was due.  Once Dan was taught, and once he consistently applied a system, his grades improved quickly and he actually spent less time on his school work.

CASE STUDY #1: Homework Tracking High School

I began working with Dan, who was a high school sophomore.  He had a typical college prep track load of courses, with a few honors classes as well.  His issue, in part, was keeping track of all the assignments that he had.

At the start, Dan’s “system” was to write down all the homework in the tracking book that the school provided. Good start! He did have a good working record of what he had to do.   But from there, he had no plan at all.  He would start an assignment from math, and half way through it, he would shift and begin working on Spanish.  Then he would move onto chemistry, etc. He was spending about 90 -120 minutes per day on homework.  Once he did get done, he would put all of his completed homework into his done folder (and not into his binder area for that particular class).  Since he had multiple notebooks, he would often have trouble locating the homework promptly when it was time to turn it in or go over it in class.  Dan did not spent anytime working ahead and anticipating longer term assignments, however.  He basically only did what was due the next day.

“Now that I have a system I feel like I am in control of this situation.  Since I am always up to date, the subjects don’t seem as challenging either.  In fact, they seem to be getting easier because I really understand what’s going on.”  – Dan, High School student and Maximum Education user

Dan learned and started to use the Maximum Education system.  He would not move onto an assignment until the present one was complete.  He would file his completed work in the proper areas of his notebooks, by course.  Better still, he incorporated future thinking into his daily study regimen.  Over time, it worked out that he would allocate about 15 minutes per day, per class, to look ahead for future tests, quizzes, papers, and work, so he could get a head start on those as well.   Within a test cycle, or about three weeks of school time, Dan improved his grades in every single course.  Once he got his system in place and became consistent with it, he was spending 60-75 minutes per day on homework and study time… actually LESS than he was prior to implementing the systems… so better grades, less study time and less stress.

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