Spinners partner with mAke the grAde

The Spinners announced today that they have partnered with mAke the grAde, a local academic service and tutoring company run by Dr. Steven Greene.

Established by Dr. Steven Greene in 1996, mAke the grAde specializes in individualized instruction and support for all areas of Math and Science as well as test prep for the SAT / ACT exams and the college admissions process.  Based out of Upper Dubin, PA, Dr. Greene offers his service to students from Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

We are very excited to have mAke the grAde on board for 2016.” said Billy Sickles, MLU Partnership Development Associate. “With so many members of the growing Ultimate community in Philadelphia leading busy lies, Dr. Greene and his team provide the right support and individual attention you, or your child needs to succeed. Whether it’s school performance, time management, or an important exam, mAke the grAde has everything you need to tackle the task at hand.

The Spinners remain committed to establishing partnerships that not only support local businesses, but also provide services to their fan base and the local ultimate community on the whole.  For ultimate fans outside of the Philadelphia area, mAke the grAde offers an online classroom which them to work with/teach students worldwide.

On a personal level I played Ultimate for 10 years at the league and tournament level so I enjoy the sport and I appreciate the talents that it takes to play ultimate at a professional level.” said Dr. Greene. “Further I would like to be part of this sport as it grows and gains more regional and national recognition. “Fans of ultimate, fans of the Spinners, high school and college aged students, should be an excellent match for the students and families that mAke the grAde provides service for.”

For more information on Dr. Greene and mAke the grAde, check out their website, or follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.