Solving the College Admissions Puzzle – A Live Information Session

Solving the College Admissions Puzzle: Academics and Organization

Wednesday March 30th 7pm

Concerned about the effect SAT / ACT have on the college admission process?
Do you know how do grades impact your college choices?
Are you organized in your college search process?
Will you be ready to complete college applications and financial aid forms efficiently?

Simple strategies are avaiable to ensure your success.

Learn from Educator Dr Steven Greene and Organizational Strategist Marianne Kelly:

  • Step by step guide to organizing records for the college applications and financial aid forms
  • Streamlining your process to select the right schools for you
  • Choosing the SAT or ACT for your college application
  • Writing an application essay that gets results
  • Maintaining a GPA that will get you to the next level
  • Using Maximum Education principles to reach your goals

This workshop is intended for High School Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors and their parents.

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