How to plan a test prep program for PSAT/SAT/ACT…

Planning ahead is the key to success.  This includes not only having a plan to increase your test scores, but also a longer term plan for when you will take these important exams.

The SATs are given in January, March, May, June, October, November and December.

The ACTs are given in February, April, June, September, October and December.

That is a lot of opportunities to take these exams but you want to avoid overload and you want to ‘peak at the right time’ for each exam.

Maximum Education mAke the grAde Tip – SAT Essay – How you say it…

SAT: The essay – it’s how you say it not what you say

Crafting a strong essay

  1. you must address the prompt
    A common error of essay composition is to not stay on task and address the prompt throughout the entire essay.  This is key!  Make one main point and support this point in your presentation
  2. plan before you write
    make an outline, brainstorm, talk to others about it, make a rough draft
  3. build to a crescendo
    start with your basic thesis premise and use examples to build to your crescendo… Leave the reading saying to themselves “yes.. I want to know more about this applicant”
  4. keep with the word limit
    550 (or whatever words) means 550.  Use a word count tool and stay on course.

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