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It’s September. If you are a football fan it’s pre-season and your team has hopes of making it to the super bowl. If you are a baseball fan hopefully your team is poised for a playoff run. If you like to swim and be outside, it is still warm and good weather and if you are a student you are waiting for your schedule and collecting school supplies.. unless you are a soon to be senior. An exciting time. It’s college application season. And you need to get busy!!
Seniors – this is an important time for you. And you need to take this process seriously. Treat it like a class! There are deadlines and time limitations. Simple to say. Not always so easy to do. As an Educator I get asked all the time about applications and admissions strategy, and the best advice us simple: start early, be consistent with your efforts and get it done.
My guideline for my students: Have your paperwork and essays done by the first day of school or the end of September at the latest. Take the pressure off of this process.
Simple to say. Not always so easy to do. Most apps take at least 3-4 Hours to complete. The essays writing and revision process can seem interminable.
So start EARLY and work on them OFTEN.
Most of the application process is a collection of information… name rank and serial number type stuff. Your academic history, your standard admissions test scores, your extracurricular activities etc… and then coup de grace.. the chance for you to tell them about all the things they didn’t ask about already… THE ESSAY.
Writing this essay – or in some cases essays – can be daunting and intimidating for students. What do I say? Am I talking about the right things? How can I say what I want in only 650 words? Does it really matter? How do I make my essay stand out?
The answers are: Talk about your experiences. Stay with the essay prompt that you’ve chosen. Yes brevity is important but stay on point. yes the essay can be a huge factor in admission. Stay interesting and tell your story… don’t write like a history paper.
Need help. Here is a video that I’ve made along with professional college placement advisor Cheryl DiLanzo. It will give you a very good perspective on the essay.
Finally if you don’t know where to start, or you would like a professional look at your essay, consider this free (!!) essay workshop:
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