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I imagine you’ve heard of the mastermind group…. you collect (or join) a group of others who are experts in their fields – and at the same time do not compete with you – and you meet and brainstorm and mastermind ideas. The goal is to help each other succeed through support and education and well… OPT = others peoples talent.

Take home message —> you can ALWAYS learn from others no matter how successful you are in your own field.

Over the summer, I had the privilege of joining more than 20 other entrepreneurs for an evening of networking and sharing success stories. Talk about positive ‘vibes’ in the room! Better even, nearly all of these business owners have following their passions for only a few years. A real tribute to the reality that if you feel strongly enough about your dreams and goals and you have the right plan and you work with the right people… success is just a matter of time.

I asked the organizer of the event, Bonny Clayton – Your Web Chick – to summarize the event:

“Six months ago, when I started playing with ideas for how to celebrate my two years in full-time business for myself, I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew I wanted to celebrate the small business professionals who had supported me in ways big and small over these two years. I knew I wanted to spotlight other local businesses. And I knew I wanted to give something back And so Journey to Success, a charity networking event with small business owners as storytellers, was born! The success of the event exceeded my expectations and I believe that success can be attributed to the combination of my diligent social media and personal outreach, the quality of the sponsors who stepped up to support the event and the appeal of the storytelling element. The feedback I’ve received so far echoes my own sentiments…that the storytellers were the hit of the event. And so, selecting storytellers will be an ongoing tradition for each Journey to Success to come!!”

At this small (20 people) event, not only did I sample some great home made food and the best cupcakes ever (nothing wrong with mixing food with business right!), but I also met several talented and motivated people. All of them were on different stages in their respective journeys to success. And I learned something from all of them.

PS – the event raised over $200 to support the North Shore Animal League!

Take action. Form or join a mastermind or a networking group. It could be a localized face to face group, or use technology and meet via online forums. Both work well.

If you are local to me… CHECK OUT THIS MASTERMIND GROUP or connect with my inbox if you want to learn more about online mastermind groups.

Connect. Learn. Prosper.

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