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Everyone is super busy these days. Running here and there from all day. This used to be the purview of C level executives and over scheduled sales professionals… but now it also included studentsand the education world. It’s common to see a student up before the sunrise, at school until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, then to a sports practice or club or other activity and then finally home for an evening of homework. The ‘average’ student, even in middle school level, may spend as much as 3 hours on homework a night (according to a great article in the Atlantic – this article also compares the time spend on homework done to grades).

So how does one balance all these activities and commitments and still achieve success in the classroom and in your education?

The Secret is really no secret at all. You have to be organized and you have to have a system.

A system should be composed of four aspects:
1. a homework tracking system
2. a note taking and outlining system
3. a time management system
4. a test preparation system

Here are quick examples of each…

Homework tracking should have three aspects to it: a list of assignments, a set of prioritization, and a time element attached to it

Did you know that there are at least six different ways to take notes and outline…try making a concept map rather than an indented style.

Time management isn’t just about writing things down in a calendar, it’s about blocking out and prioritizing efforts, color coding and going digital with online tools

Test preparation has both active and passive styles.. active ones such as making flash cards and creating mock exams are 3-4x more effective than passive processes such as rereading notes.

Maximum Education is a workbook and study guide written by Dr. Steven Greene of mAke the grAde academic services. This is about taking action and creating a system that works. In this hands-on process-based workbook, he provides students and parents with a basic functional, but powerful, system that they can use on a daily basis to achieve maximum results. All of the processes and techniques detailed in the book have been field tested for over 20 years at Dr. Greene’s tutoring center near Philadelphia PA.

A lot of this process is simply knowing what you need to do and having an effective repeatable system to accomplish all of your tasks. There also is an element of planning ahead and anticipating important events coming up like tests and papers. there are also mechanical skills by creating outlines or taking notes which are critical as the tests themselves.


The workbook may also be unique in that it interfaces with several videos and online forms that help the student develop their own particular variations on the process taught in the manual. It is an online mechanism that enables the students to get updated information on the fly. Great idea!

For more information about Maximum Education see

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