The College Application Essay – It’s just your future (and past!)

If you are a soon to be or present High School Senior (or the parent of one)… you’ve waited most of your life to get done High School and take the big step to the college or university level. And why not? This is an exciting time for you. The academic world is your proverbial oyster. So It’s that time if the year. An exciting time. It’s college application season.

I get asked all the time about applications and admissions strategy but the best advice us simple:

Start early and get it done.

Simple to say. Not always so easy to do. Most apps take 3-4 Hours to complete. The essays writing and revision process can seem interminable.

So start EARLY and work on them OFTEN.

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Here are some links to videos that you should find very helpful:

The importance of vocabulary:

The college admissions process/essay:

The college admissions process:

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