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It’s here.. the long awaited release of my book Maximum Education.  Woo hoo.

For a limited time, you can get a kindle version of the book for just 99 cents.

Buy Maximum Education from Amazon

Turbocharge Your Education.

Are you a parent of a student, or a student, who is in grades K-12 and at the university level and you are interested in boosting your grades, and making your work load easier, and getting more school work done in less time? Are you finding it difficult to stay focused and motivated during and after classes? Are there things relating to school that you find frustrating to do and difficult to understand while other students make it seem like it is a breeze to do?

There might be a reason for this. Why? because they have a system! 

You are not the only one with this challenge. Many students have poor academic performance because they hand in homework assignments late or incomplete, or they do not fully understand the subject matter being taught during class or they get low or failing test grades, and they do not raise their hand in class because they are embarrassed that they might have the wrong answers because they did not have organized notes.

School is hard. But is doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Buy Maximum Education from Amazon

Students are often overloaded with a wide range of subjects, tests, quizzes and papers and other projects, with different types of assignments, with different teachers with different teaching styles, books to read, websites to log on, grading rubrics to be aware of, classrooms and class schedules, and many, many more things that could make a students life difficult.

The book MAXIMUM EDUCATION makes education easy so you can reach your academic potential.

Get yourself into the systematic habit of doing things the most productive and efficient way that cuts out any unnecessary distractions. Save time by having a solid system that is geared towards SUCCESS. Many students are not following ANY system and therefore are having to overload their mind and become confused, frustrated, and tired. In this book, I will give you all the answers you are looking for. This is the exact same system that I have taught mAke the grAde students to use in their every day success routine that has lead them to “mAke the grAde!”

Buy Maximum Education from Amazon

How does it work?

In this book you will:

  1. Learn time management and information management systems. You will learn how to manage your notes and always know what to study so you can get excellent grades.
  2. Learn to manage your time and get more free time
  3. Recieve over 50 techniques and skills including note taking, outlining, test preparation, essay writing and subject specific topical information, SAT prep, ACT prep, college application essays, and much more.
  4. You will have access to over 25 videos that support all of the system and techniques that you will learn in Maximum Education.

You also get access to the mAke the grAde community where you have opportunity to ask questions and get answers and interact with Dr. Greene and other students.

Student Testimonials: Student testimonials are available on the mAke the grAde community page.

Do not hesitate. Get your FREE membership of mAke the grAde community and get your questions answered in real time by getting this book now. You will also receive dozens of videos that reinforce the teachings of this book. You will change the course of your education and you will love how much fun and easy being a student will get. Buy it now as a gift for your kids or a great tool for yourself and watch how quickly your academic life will improve!

Buy Maximum Education from Amazon

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