A Free Practice SAT (by the College Board) is available

Attn new HS Juniors.  It’s that time of year… Test Prep Season.

Good news …  there is help 🙂

A Free Practice SAT (by the College Board) is available on the College Board site. mAke the grAde recommends that all students planning to take an upcoming SAT should take advantage of this ‘offer’.


There are a number of ways to prep for the SAT (and ACT) exams.  One is to simply practice that test as much as possible.  Practice makes perfect.

Practice also helps to demonstrate both areas of need (which you may choose to ameliorate with a tutor) and areas of strength (which is may be just fine with).  Areas of need may include specifics in the 3 main sections of the SAT: Reading, Math and Writing, but may also expose needs in your timing and pacing for the questions and for the sections (remember the SAT (and ACT) is a timed exam!)

To access this practice SAT click this link:


The SAT is administrated 8 times during the academic year: October, November, December, January, March, May and June.  This year is a watershed year however as the “old” SAT will be administered up to and including January 2016 and then a “new” SAT will be administered starting in March 2016.  mAke the grAde recommends taking the “old” SAT while is is still in play since it is a known commodity and there are still several unknowns concerning the ‘new’ SAT.

What do you think? What is your test calendar plan?

Questions?  contact make the grade at EMAIL MAKETHEGRADE

PS – the deadline to register for the October 3 SAT exam is September 3.


Maximum Education – The Live Workshop ::: Coming soon

It’s been an exciting summer at mAke the grAde.  Maximum Education was released in June and became an Amazon #1 seller in its first week.

You can still get your copy of Maximum Education at the roll out price of only 99 cents for the online kindle version or $9.99 for the paperback.

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Both the kindle version and paperback continue to sell consistently.  Which leads to the next phase of the project.. Maximum Education – The Live Workshop.  This workshop will cover the important principles from the book in a 90 minute, live, interactive event.  The workshop will be presented live locally (beginning August 29th) as well as over the internet in a live webinar format (beginning in September).

If you want more information now, EMAIL mAke the grAde

Stay tuned for more details.


Maximum Education is Live!

Maximum Education – The Ultimate  Guide to Optimal Academics is live.


This book addresses two major challenges that all students face:
Time Management
Information Management

The book is  available as a paperback version and a kindle (online version).


Maximum Education front cover