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Preparing for Finals 2 – Creating your study calendar

Finals are often the most stressful time of year for a student at any level.  Not only are the grades important of course, but the volume of information that has to be mastered and coordinated is very large.  Often students get overwhelmed and are not able to work to their potential.

Have a Plan.  Work your Plan.

The best ‘cure’ for finals is actually to keep up with your classes all along, but even with proper work ethic during the year or the semester, it is still critical to maximize your time, and to maximize your study efforts leading up to and during the finals period. The keys to this process are:

  • Time Management
  • Understanding the Scope of the information
  • Working your plan

In Maximum Education, I have explained several techniques that a student (at any academic level) can use to organize information and to execute a successful study plan.  Here is an example of a plan that I recently set up with a current student.

finals prep calendar

You can notice a few things right away.  This is designed just like a calendar so there are instructions concerning what to do on each day.  This particular plan is set up for Math and Chemistry.  The Math final (in blue) covered seven units in the course which are set up to be reviewed, one unit at a time, beginning on the 4th.  The Chemistry (in red) had several chapters which required that multiple chapters would be reviewed on any given study day.

You should also notice that as the student gets closer to the exam dates, the review accelerates and more and more material is covered each day, culminating with a full review of all material right before the test dates.

Of course, additional techniques, such as mock testing, outlining, etc were also used (but not included in this post) as techniques to review, study and master the materials.  These can be many things which will be covered in the next blog post.

What do you think?

What type of system do you use?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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