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It’s late April and this is the busiest time of the year for students.  It’s a confluence of everything at once.
SAT/ACT is you are taking the college admissions tests…
AP exams in May
and the 4th quarter has started and of course… finals are not that far off.
So how do you manage?
The key is a combination of planning, time management, foresight and consistency.
I recently completed writing and putting the finishing touches on Maximum Education: The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Academics.  This is a workbook and guide to, as the title so boldly state, maximizing your education and your academics.
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Without giving away every secret here, here is a basic guideline of what you’ll learn in the book:
Time Management
Homework Tracking
Prioritizing Techniques
Note taking
Test Preparation Tips
Organizing and Writing Term Papers
Standard Test Prep
College Admissions Test Prep (ACT/SAT)
as the cliche says…
so much more…

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