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8 Steps to a Stress Free SAT / ACT Experience

The SAT is coming up.  Whether you or your child has prepped for it or not… the day before and test morning are important lead up times prior to the ‘big day”.  Here are some simple tips in avoiding stress and making the SAT a better experience.  I have found with my students that relaxed and confident students always perform closer to potential on standardized tests.  Some of this will appear obvious, but better safe then stressed out and sorry 🙂

I suggest getting your backpack set up with all the needed goodies the night before…

1. Where am I going? – Know your location.  Normally you plan to take the test as close to home as possible – preferrably at your own high school. However at times this is not possible.  If you haven’t already, drive the route to the school and make sure you know how to get there. There may be detours or construction.  Further, the entrance for the test center may not always be the main entrance of the school building

2.  Where’s my admissions ticket?  If you’ve registered online, be sure to print out your ticket and have it ready Friday night.

3. My photo ID – even if you take the test in your home school location you need photo / student ID.

4. #2 pencils – sitll the standard of usage here.  Suggest 3 or 4

5. Does my calcualator have batteries? A good idea to have extra AAA batteries

6. What time is it? Wear a watch. You can never tell where the clock in the test center toom will be.  A watch also helps you with test section pacing.

7. I’m hungry and thirsty.  It’s a long test.  There are short breaks.  Take water and some easy to eat snacks. You cannot

8. Get the wheels spinning – Get up and give yourself enough time to do some practice problems in the morning.  It’s your way of saying… “hey brain… today’s the big day”. There are no ‘warm ups” on the SAT or ACT.

For more ideas contact Dr Steven Greene at sgreene@makethegrade.net

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