Midterms: How to Plan and Thrive

Midterms occur this month for High School Students.  These are important exams and require effort and planning. Here are some basic ideas to help you thrive on the midterms and avoid unneeded stress.

1. Early and Often: Start to study early and give yourself time.  15 minutes of review a day over a few weeks is much more effective than 3 hours of cramming.

2. Collect and Organize: Gather and organize all of your papers, worksheets, notes, old quizzes and tests, etc from the classes in one place.  Typically midterms cover the entire year to date so work from September and October is important.

3. Ask Questions Now: Whether you typically need help or see your teacher outside of class, it is a good idea to clarify any information or answer any questions you have early in the study process.

4. Know Your Abilities: Identify your areas of need.  People tend to redundantly study information that they already know because it’s more comfortable.  Make a plan to address your areas of need.

For more tips or to create a midtern study action plan contact Dr Greene at mAke the grAde AcAdemic services at www.makethegrade.net or 215 540 TEST