SAT Vocabulary list

One way to learn vocabulary is by grouping words that have similar meanings.
If you are using my ‘index card’ system… this fits right in.
(if you’re not.. ASK about it.. it WORKS!)
Words by Category
Unoriginal/Lacking in Substance: Prosaic, Pedestrian, Banal, Cliché, Trite, Hackneyed, Vapid, Vacuous, Quotidian, Mundane, Insipid, Derivative
Stubborn – Obstinate, Obdurate, Intransigent, Intractable, Tenacious
Brief – Fleeting, Ephemeral, Transitory, Cursory, Transient
Beyond normal human understanding – Esoteric, Recondite, Abstruse, Arcane
To Make Better/Relieve Pain – Ameliorate, Alleviate, Assuage, Palliate, Mitigate

Varied, Diverse – Heterogenous, Eclectic, Motley, Multifarious

Talkative/Outgoing – Loquacious, Garrulous, Gregarious
Using few words – Laconic, Terse, Perfunctory, Spare
To Insult – Impugn, Disparage, Deprecate, Malign, Censure (also means punish), Decry, Vilify, Vituperate
To Praise/Hold in high regard – Tout, Extol, Revere, Laud
Generosity – Munificence, Magnanimity, Largess

Greed – Avarice, Cupidity

Inclination toward – Penchant, Proclivity, Predilection, Affinity
Prevent – Forestall, Preclude, Thwart
Highly decorated – Florid, Ornate, Baroque

Poor – Indigent, Penurious, Impecunious

Shy – Reticent, Aloof, Diffident, Reticent
Hardworking – Assiduous, Diligent, Sedulous

Cheerful – Jovial, Jocund, Mirthful
Overjoyed – Exultant, Elated, Jubilant, Ebulliant
Lazy – Indolent, Slothful
Arrogant – Condescending, Supercilious
Complicated – Byzantine, Convoluted
Clear – Lucid, Perspicuous
Harsh, Burning – Caustic, Vitriolic
Sickeningly Sweet – Cloying, Treacly, Maudlin, Mawkish
Mystery – Enigma, Conundrum
Unpredictable – Mercurial, Capricious
Narrow-Minded – Provincial, Insular, Parochial
Broad-Minded – Cosmopolitan
Small Amount – Paucity, Dearth
Large Amount – Myriad, Copious, Plethora
Fake – Spurious, Specious
Suspicious of – Wary of, Chary of

Fraud, Trickery – Charlatanism, Chicanery

Naive – Ingenuous, Guileless

Calm – Phlegmatic, Placid

Easily Angered – Irascible, Cantankerous

Violent – Bellicose, Pugnacious

Supplementary, not of central importance – Ancillary, Peripheral

Irrelevant, Unimportant – Picayune, Trivial

Free from blame, find innocent – Exonerate, Exculpate, Vindicate

by Erica Meltzer

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