Summer Educational Options

Summer is an excellent time for educaitonal programs.  With school out of session, students have more time flexibility to work on reinforcing their skills and enriching their knowledge base.  I have found tha there are some common catagories of support that people seek:

  1. Academic Remedication – Student who did not work to potential, or struggled with classes can use the summer for catch up and filling gaps in knowledge.  This is also helpful for students wishing to move up in class levels (example from basic to honors).
  2. Academic Foreshadowing – Students who are going to be taking classes in the fall that they may anticipating neeing  support for can preview the classes.  This is an excellent way to get a jump start on the topic and facilitate the academic year
  3. Test Prep – SAT / PSAT / ACT prep is most easily done over the summer. The students typcially have more time to work on and master material.
  4. Independent School Admissions Tests – ISEE / SSAT  – most independent schools expect these test to be taken in October / November.
  5. College Admissions – This is limited to rising seniors, however applications and the accompanying essays are time consuming.  The essays are an important part of the application process and often require work over time to perfect
  6. Other – what else do you want to / need to learn.

The best way to determine how summer educational programs can benefit your, or your child, is to connect with mAke the grAde for an evaluation.  We can be reached at 215 540 8378.

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