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Evaluating Your Test Results and Improving

The scores for the May SAT will be sent out soon. Regardless of your performance on this exam, most students will take the exam a second time with the goal of improving their scores. It is prudent to use the initial results to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and then proceed to revise your study plans accordingly. For example, if your writing score was subpar, you will need to put more effort into improving that aspect of the test in the future. The SAT is best learned slowly and steadily over a long period of time. Be sure to give yourself adequate time. It is far better to have a study plan than to try to work on these exams ad hoc. The plan should include consistent development of test taking strategies, as well as time to do practice testing.

Here are some questions that surround the new scoring system. At this time, some of these questions remain unknowns. These will be addressed in future articles:

  • How will colleges choose to interpret these scores?
  • Will the math and reading sections of the new test be weighted more strongly than the-writing section?
  • How do I know what a “good” score is?
  • Will an 1800 on the new system be the equivalent of a 1200 in the old system?
  • Should I take the test again?
  • Is it bad to take the SAT more than 2 times? 3 times?
  • How does the SAT compare to the ACT?

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