Welcome to the NEW!!!
official mAke the grAde site.

After 3.666666666666666 years, the MTG site has been given a face lift.  The same basic features are here in this site that everyone enjoyed in the last version of the MTG  site.

This site is built in the wordpress platform. This allows for some nice features:

  1. Must easier access to the ‘code’ to update the site and keep it current. This is the Achilles heel  of web sites.. they are too easily updated if they aren’t kept current.
  2. Ability for visitors to leave comments and create a dialog within the ‘MTG universe’ in areas of interest.   In an effort to create a ‘community’ – everyone will be able to leave comments on posts and also on other comments.  Ideally this creates a constructive and helpful dialog.
  3. Ability to double as a blog which allows me (Steve) to save time updating both the blog site and website.  As a wordpress site, this site has the dual roles of web site and blog.  I am not certain where the cyber line is drawn, but basically the objective of this site is to be a forum for information about education as it relates to the mAke the grAde world.
  4. Ability to consolidate the email list and subscriber list into one list which is outside the dependence on Outlook or another mail based server.  We have been careful at MTG not to over load anyone with a plethora of email and information (even if it is relevant).  There is just too much out there frankly.  At the same time, there are times that MTG does want to get messages out to the public and to our subscribers.  By subscribing to this blog site, you will get the most important  and most up to date info.
  5. Ability for the site to be more Web 2,0 based (although I am waiting for someone to explain what this really means).  If it matters, there are videos on this site that weren’t able to be put on the last site.  Check out the MEDIA tab… and the hover tabs for PICTURES and VIDEO.  Some of these videos are welcome videos and others are instructional. Video is a very powerful teaching tool.  Look for more content here.  There are also instructional SAT videos under the STUDENTS tab (SAT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS).  This will also expand in the near future.
  6. Ability to do some 2011 type things like file share. You’ll notice a box.net widget on the right panel of this screen.  This widget contains a link to 3 files (for now) that can be downloaded: one is an exam planner, the others are links to excel files that enables PSAT and SAT students to score their own tests via and excel file.  We’ve used this file in the office for a long time but now it’s simple to share.  Pretty neat stuff.