The Future of Education? Send a robot to school…

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Credit: Originally published as  In Mashable Tech on May 8 2012

Soon your child may go to school with a robot. Meet VGo, a robotic telepresence being used in schools, healthcare, and business for videoconferencing from afar.

Running on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, VGo is already being used in a variety of situations -– including schools. Students who can’t attend school due to an illness of handicap can instead virtually attend classes via VGo.

Unlike other telepresence system where the camera is stationary, VGo is a robot on wheels allowing a student to adjust where the camera is pointed, talk to their teacher and classmates, and even hit the road for their next class. Since VGo is connected over LTE, it can maintain connectivity throughout an entire school building, without requiring the school to offer Wi-Fi throughout the every building and every classroom.

Getting online every morning rather than on the school bus, VGo not only lets a student attend class but also lets him or her do things like interact with friends in the hall or experience demonstrations that might happen outside of a traditional classroom.

Vgo can last for a full school day without needing to be recharged, and when it comes time to plug in the robot can be docked remotely by pressing a dock button on the interface.

Outside of the classroom, VGo can also be used to allow doctors to remotely travel across the country to check on a patient, or visit a lab. Businesses can also use VGo to have executives virtually attend meetings, tour facilities, and manage virtual teams.

We had a chance to check out VGo in person at CTIA in New Orleans. Check out the gallery below for some shots of VGo in action and let us know what you think about the robot in the comments.

There are videos of the VGo in action on the Mashable site.



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